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How a Person’s Interests Affect a Person’s Future

Finding a successful career is not about the money or the fame. When it all boils down, a person’s interests and passions are what creates a person’s destiny. The moment when that person chooses to live by their ultimate pursuits, their life will become more meaningful, and the work that they do will be thriving with determination. Mixing these passions together will create a more prosperous and compatible career.

Alexander Potoczak OhioDiscovering a person’s interests and finding ways to develop them will help create a more secure future for that individual. This means that having the wrong interests, or cultivating ones that have a negative impact on a lifestyle will leave room for error in that person’s future, and leaves doors open that can lead to more detrimental and lessening careers.

However, when a person nurtures the right interests, and creates passions that fuel success and determination rather than negative traits and actions, great things can happen, and a career will be worth it. Alexander Potoczak Ohio resident pursuing a medical career, did so because of his many interests in science and medical research. He has done stem cell research, and has designed himself a set of passions that will exponentially benefit a medical career in his future.


The New World of Economics

The most unstable science in the world lies in the study of economics. Many different theories brought on by legendary economists have been trumped entirely by new and improved methods of tracking the supply and demand that make up countries, and with globalization, the world and its trade. Understanding how economics have changed can give new insight into how it will change in the future, and how the world can group together to make improvements to the current system available.

Alexander Potoczak Ohio

Economics is such a difficult subject to understand, that the US relies on the international community to make breakthroughs with its research. Different from other academic studies, where one country can monopolize research and claim their title as the best in the world, no one country can truly hold the title as being the best in the world for economics. While the University of Stockholm in Sweden can be considered a top-tier economics university, it is nothing without the support of the rest of the world.

This opportunity for change and constant improvement has brought in many students seeking glory from their interests in the philosophy of economics. Many students also take this as a way to expand their horizons in other academic fields. Alexander Potoczak, a future Ohio medical student, is currently taking courses to receive his Economics Degree from Hamilton College. Although different from his intended career, the interest of crucial life information has inspired him and thousands of other students to unlock the secrets of economics.

Alternative Energy Sources – What They Are And Why We Need Them

Alternative energy sources are sources of energy other than fossil fuels. There are three different fossil fuels: coal, oil, and natural gas. Alternative energy sources are being developed to combat concerns regarding the effect on the environment, efficiency, and other issues related to the use of fossil fuels. The definition of what is considered an alternative source of energy has changed over time but generally speaking, an alternative source of energy is produced so that it can be recovered, reproduced, and without emitting high levels of carbon dioxide.

Alexander Potoczak Ohio

There are a number of different types of sources of alternative energy. There is solar power, wind, hydroelectric, biomass, ethanol biofuels, hydrogen, and geothermal. Solar energy can be used in cooling, electrical, and heating power plants. Currently, solar energy is seen as a viable method of creating energy.

However, innovations and improvements must be made to improve the efficiency and decrease the cost of harnessing solar power. Wind energy was in theory developed by NASA in the 1970’s and is seen as a viable option for creating an alternative source of energy, especially in Europe where initiatives have been made and turbine fields have been created. Ethanol biofuels are a very popular source of creating renewable energy, and recent research has been done to find better types of ethanol than the traditional corn produced ethanol.

Geothermal is considered a viable source of alternative power because it harnesses thermal energy created and stored in the earth. This energy is sustainable and is constantly being replenished. Hydrogen is a source of alternative energy that is being highly considered as a viable option in the future. Over $1 billion has been spent on hydrogen research by the federal government.

Alexander Potoczak of Ohio is very interested in and knowledgeable about alternative sources of creating energy.

Internships – A College Student’s Midas Touch

Students constantly search for new ways to touch up their resume, create a powerful statement to future employers, and overall find ways to stick out of the crowd of thousands of other graduates looking for the same career. In college, it’s a competitive game to be noticed, and the easier it becomes, the better chance there is for a career to be found, and a secure profession to be locked in for that college student. To make the game easier for those looking to be the best in their class, look no further than an internship to tack on to the list.

Alexander Potoczak Ohio

Apart from the many accomplishments that can be received inside of the campus grounds, internships offer different insight into the student’s ability to perform in their academic field. Instead of the academic standpoint of their industry, internships focus on the application of the skills that they have learned, giving students a chance to stick out, specialize, and get a taste for the profession that they will be pursuing in the future. Internships make the difference between applicants looking for the same job, and will also help individualize the graduate’s degree towards a specific niche in their career.

A college degree only goes so far, and it is the job of the student to take it and mold it into the resume gold that they wish to have. Alexander Potoczak Ohio, a college student from Hamilton College in New York, has been through a various number of internships and jobs that have helped him secure his acceptance into the Northeastern Ohio University’s College of Medicine. An internship at MAI Wealth Advisors, graduate stem cell research, and a four year job with the North Coast Obstetrics and Gynecology, this student is a testimony to the power of an internship.

Supporting Relay for Life

There are thousands of organizations in the United States that are looking to better the world, and make a difference in the way that people live. Relay for Life is an organization that holds the reputation as one of the most popular cancer awareness and fundraising organizations in the community. Organized events that span from one event to an all-night or multi-day event help to bring the community in which it’s held together, bringing family-friendly fun to the participants, while raising the need for cancer to have a cure and encouraging donations to be made for the cause.

Alexander Potoczak Ohio
There are many ways that you or your community can get started in supporting this organization. Has there been a Relay for Life event in your area? If not, then taking the opportunity to help coordinate or host one will make a powerful change to your neighborhood. Fellowship, passion, and well-deserved smiles will make its way into the streets, and create a more community-driven city for the world. Whether you donate to Relay for Life online or at another event, or organize and host your own, every little bit of effort can help make a difference to the cause.

One Ohio student’s experience with Relay for Life helped him to become a better volunteer in the future.Alexander Potoczak Ohio to help organize and coordinate a local Relay for Life event in 2010. Because of this decision, he not only has a deeper passion for medical research in his future, but also has become a volunteer to many other causes around him.