Supporting Relay for Life

There are thousands of organizations in the United States that are looking to better the world, and make a difference in the way that people live. Relay for Life is an organization that holds the reputation as one of the most popular cancer awareness and fundraising organizations in the community. Organized events that span from one event to an all-night or multi-day event help to bring the community in which it’s held together, bringing family-friendly fun to the participants, while raising the need for cancer to have a cure and encouraging donations to be made for the cause.

Alexander Potoczak Ohio
There are many ways that you or your community can get started in supporting this organization. Has there been a Relay for Life event in your area? If not, then taking the opportunity to help coordinate or host one will make a powerful change to your neighborhood. Fellowship, passion, and well-deserved smiles will make its way into the streets, and create a more community-driven city for the world. Whether you donate to Relay for Life online or at another event, or organize and host your own, every little bit of effort can help make a difference to the cause.

One Ohio student’s experience with Relay for Life helped him to become a better volunteer in the future.Alexander Potoczak Ohio to help organize and coordinate a local Relay for Life event in 2010. Because of this decision, he not only has a deeper passion for medical research in his future, but also has become a volunteer to many other causes around him.