Internships – A College Student’s Midas Touch

Students constantly search for new ways to touch up their resume, create a powerful statement to future employers, and overall find ways to stick out of the crowd of thousands of other graduates looking for the same career. In college, it’s a competitive game to be noticed, and the easier it becomes, the better chance there is for a career to be found, and a secure profession to be locked in for that college student. To make the game easier for those looking to be the best in their class, look no further than an internship to tack on to the list.

Alexander Potoczak Ohio

Apart from the many accomplishments that can be received inside of the campus grounds, internships offer different insight into the student’s ability to perform in their academic field. Instead of the academic standpoint of their industry, internships focus on the application of the skills that they have learned, giving students a chance to stick out, specialize, and get a taste for the profession that they will be pursuing in the future. Internships make the difference between applicants looking for the same job, and will also help individualize the graduate’s degree towards a specific niche in their career.

A college degree only goes so far, and it is the job of the student to take it and mold it into the resume gold that they wish to have. Alexander Potoczak Ohio, a college student from Hamilton College in New York, has been through a various number of internships and jobs that have helped him secure his acceptance into the Northeastern Ohio University’s College of Medicine. An internship at MAI Wealth Advisors, graduate stem cell research, and a four year job with the North Coast Obstetrics and Gynecology, this student is a testimony to the power of an internship.