The New World of Economics

The most unstable science in the world lies in the study of economics. Many different theories brought on by legendary economists have been trumped entirely by new and improved methods of tracking the supply and demand that make up countries, and with globalization, the world and its trade. Understanding how economics have changed can give new insight into how it will change in the future, and how the world can group together to make improvements to the current system available.

Alexander Potoczak Ohio

Economics is such a difficult subject to understand, that the US relies on the international community to make breakthroughs with its research. Different from other academic studies, where one country can monopolize research and claim their title as the best in the world, no one country can truly hold the title as being the best in the world for economics. While the University of Stockholm in Sweden can be considered a top-tier economics university, it is nothing without the support of the rest of the world.

This opportunity for change and constant improvement has brought in many students seeking glory from their interests in the philosophy of economics. Many students also take this as a way to expand their horizons in other academic fields. Alexander Potoczak, a future Ohio medical student, is currently taking courses to receive his Economics Degree from Hamilton College. Although different from his intended career, the interest of crucial life information has inspired him and thousands of other students to unlock the secrets of economics.