Tips to Improve Pitching for Youth Baseball Players

Pitching is the most difficult skill to master in baseball. You need to maintain good velocity, control, power, and location of the ball at once. Additionally, you need to control mental aspects of the game and make sure that the surrounding noise does not distract you. You cannot get down on yourself if things go wrong. Otherwise, you will continue to make mistakes. Essentially, pitching is just as much about skill as it is about controlling your mind. Here are a few tips that will help you physically becoming a better pitcher.Alexander Potoczak Ohio

  • Leg strength is incredibly important for all pitchers. The stronger your legs are, the more velocity you will be able to generate and the more pitches you will be able to throw in a game. Having big legs is not the same as having strong legs. Work on your leg strength and your pitching will improve.
  • For pitchers looking to increase their arm strength, they should focus on doing long toss and light dumbbell exercises. The most important of these exercises is probably the long toss because it strengthens your arm and also familiarizes your muscles with the tossing motion. Make sure that you do these exercises in a controlled environment and don’t overwork yourself.
  • The best type of pitch to have in your arsenal is the change-up. Always practice your change-up and keep it sharp. You should always throw the change-up for a strike and never off the plate. You want the movement of the ball and the speed of your arm to throw the hitter off.

Alexander Potoczak Ohio played college baseball for Hamilton College in the New England Small College Athletic Conference.