Tips For Young Baseball Players Playing Outfield

Playing outfield in baseball can be difficult for kids because it can get boring at times. It is still an important position, and although you may not have as much to do as the infielders, you could have a greater impact on the game at times. Here are a few tips for youth baseball players to remember while playing in the outfield.

Alexander Potoczak Ohio

  • The worst thing that an outfielder can do is losing focus. You need to be prepared at all times and expect the ball to come to you. A great way to stay focused on the game as a kid is by interacting with your teammates. This can include shouting how many outs there are, get your teammates focused, and remind them where the runners are and where they are going.
  • Your first move, when a ball is hit, will dictate your ability to make a play or not. You need to be able to react quickly and accurately. Your first step should always be behind you because it is easier to make up the ground ahead of you than it is behind you. You will have a fraction of a second to react, and you will need to make some intelligent decisions quickly.
  • Trust your judgment and use it because you are the last line of defense. The past way to get to the ball is via a diagonal run. You do not want the ball to get past you because this means extra bases and possibly runs. Use your judgment based on what you believe will allow you to make the required play.

Alexander Potoczak Ohio is a former college baseball player. He played in the New England Small College Athletic Conference for Hamilton College.